Lua on the Ti Nspire

As some of you may know already, Lua is an available coding language on the Ti Nspire calculators with OS’s 3.1 or greater. Also, the most recent update of the student/teacher software now has a built in Lua editor! If you don’t have the student software or if you aren’t next to your computer, you can use OCLua or LuaCS to edit right on the calculator! Creds to ExtendeD for OCLua and Yatto, I believe, for LuaCS. Definitely look at these if you are interested in the Lua function.

Along with great program helpers, there are games that come with this package! Many can be found here at or here (a few that aren’t on are here). Many thanks to all the great programmers contributing to these.




About blfngl

It's me! I enjoy programming, though I am still learning how to use Lua and Java I am fluent in Vis BASIC and TI Basic. I hope you find all the right programs on this site :) Don't forget to email me with your programs too!
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