Libraries for the Ti Nspire

In the Ti Nspire, a folder called MyLib is available at the beginning of usage with the calculator. This folder contains programs which can be accessed through the documents inside this folder, making it a program library. (Duh :P)

You can also write your own programs and add them to the MyLib folder! Some basic programs for MyLib can be found here. After adding a program to the MyLib folder be sure to refresh your libraries, which can be done with:

[Doc] + 6  or  [Menu] + B

If the program is set to LibPub it can be accessed via the catalog, which is that little book-like button below [Del] If it is set to LibPriv then you can access it by typing in a calculator page (or scratchpad):

“Document name”\”program/function name”

So if your document is called Chemistry and your program called Balance it would be:


Hope this helps!



About blfngl

It's me! I enjoy programming, though I am still learning how to use Lua and Java I am fluent in Vis BASIC and TI Basic. I hope you find all the right programs on this site :) Don't forget to email me with your programs too!
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