zLock and nClock

It seems Levak is very popular this weekend…

These two programs by Levak add some very useful functions to your ndless 3.1 calculator!


Keep some secrets on your inspire 😉 This app will allow you to set a password and will then lock your calculator until the password is reentered. By keeping in ndless\startup it will run each time on boot. To use it without the startup folder simply run the program.


A clock for your nspire. It keeps quite accurate time amazingly, and also adds a mini clock on the interface, not just in the app. Run the app for a full size clock and some settings and moar! (<—- reference to nClock)




About blfngl

It's me! I enjoy programming, though I am still learning how to use Lua and Java I am fluent in Vis BASIC and TI Basic. I hope you find all the right programs on this site :) Don't forget to email me with your programs too!
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