Theme Editor

A very nice, simple program made by Levak from Ti-Planet.

What theme editor lets you do is edit the theme of your calculator, allowing for you to customize the colors of the homescreen, document browser, etc. This does require ndless 3.1.

Ti-Planet’s Forum Post


About blfngl

It's me! I enjoy programming, though I am still learning how to use Lua and Java I am fluent in Vis BASIC and TI Basic. I hope you find all the right programs on this site :) Don't forget to email me with your programs too!
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3 Responses to Theme Editor

  1. Persalteas says:

    Hello, I have written a doc to help people using ThemeEditor.
    It makes theme-creating easier.

    (But it’s… 100% french. Sorry.)

  2. blfngl says:

    With your permission, I’ll translate this to english?

  3. persalteas says:

    Yes, sure, just quote me, Persalteas.

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