Game Boy Advance Emulator

Finally, after a long wait Calc84Maniac from has released his gpSP-Nspire, allowing you to play all those great Game Boy Advance games on your TiNspire! This requires ndless and another program called Nover if you want your calc to perform more effeciently.

First, install ndless 3.1. Second, download gpsp-nspire. It’s optional to download Nover to increase your calc’s speed by overclocking it. Third, download some GBA ROMs.

Now in your calculator, make a folder within your ndless folder called GBA Games, or whatever you want it called. Now send over game_config.tns, gpsp_launcher.tns, gpsp_resources.tns. Afterwards, acquire the BIOS file of a Gameboy Advance. Then, rename the file to exactly this: gba_bios.bin.tns.

Note: There are two common BIOS files that can be found. One is the worldwide used BIOS and the other is a prototype. If you use the prototype you will be given a warning and be asked if you are sure if you want to continue. This BIOS will not allow some games to function properly and may even ruin your calculator.

Furthermore, after downloading some ROMs, rename the ROM to [game].gba.tns. Now send the file to the folder that contains gpsp_launcher.tns. Unlike the GBC Emulator, you can search folders for games, so you don’t necessarily need to save the game file to the file containing the launcher. Finally, run the launcher and nonchalantly play while everyone thinks you are doing math.




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It's me! I enjoy programming, though I am still learning how to use Lua and Java I am fluent in Vis BASIC and TI Basic. I hope you find all the right programs on this site :) Don't forget to email me with your programs too!
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